What To Expect


Everything starts with planning! Picking out your house design, choosing fixtures, and making it a perfect fit for you!


Once the plan, selections, and pricing are finalized we enter into a contract to turn this vision into reality.

Clearing and Grading

Trees are removed, the home location is established, and the lot is prepped for the start of construction!


The foundation is the solid base on which the rest of the home is built.


This is the point at which the home actually takes shape! During this stage the “bones” of the home are established and windows are installed.

Roof Covering

Roof covering is installed and the home is “dried in.”

HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

Once framing is complete and roof covering has been installed, we install all of the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.


Siding is the exterior covering of the home. It provides protection, has insulating properties, and good looks!


Insulation helps to keep the outside temperatures from affecting the interior of your home.


Now that the behind the scenes work is done, it’s time for drywall. This is the portion of the wall that receives paint and is visible in the finished home.


We’re now ready for cabinets! This is the point at which we begin focusing primarily on interior items for the remainder of the construction process. 

Interior Trim

Trim is the detail you’ll see where walls meet the ceiling, around door openings and in other key areas. 


All interior walls and trim receive their beautiful colors!


After cabinets are set, paint is on the walls and trim is in, we’re ready to install floor coverings. At this point the interior of the home has taken shape.

HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing “Trim-out”

This is the step at which we install the light fixtures, HVAC unit, and plumbing fixtures. 


At this stage we pour concrete walk-ways, driveway, and patios!

Cleaning, Quality Control, and Landscaping

This is a major quality control step in our build process. We ensure the paint looks great, all systems are functioning flawlessly and the home is sparkling clean!

Final Inspection

Now that the home is complete the county or town conducts their final inspection and issues a certificate of occupancy.

Welcome Home!

Your home is ready for you to move in and build memories.